Welcome to New Music Please (newmusicplease.com). What is this about? I will tell you. It's here to spread the word about great new music produced and performed by amazing, talented and often disregarded musicians (by the established industry, at least).


This site began after years of interacting with friends and family who were always looking for something new to listen to. Due to my keen interest in music, both past and present, along with my rather broad range of stylistic tastes, I found it a fun challenge to find and suggest an artist or album that they would (hopefully) enjoy - and maybe even fall in love with.

I have decided to continue this dialogue through NewMusicPlease.com. It is my hope that I can keep spreading the word about so many of the great, lesser-known artists and albums that exist and that are being released.

How To Use The Site

I invite you to check in from day-to-day. Take five minutes to read through my daily music recommend. If something within the description interests you, I encourage you to look into the album. You can preview the music online (at Amazon or iTunes, etc.) or go down to your local music store and give it a spin.

I have included a list of key songs for each album at the end of each daily recommend. If you want to get a sense of the overall flavor of the album, as well as some of its best parts, these songs are a great place to start.


I invite you to comment on the daily recommends. Comment on what you found interesting about the description, ask questions that you might have - whatever. If you are familiar with the artist or album, chip in your own personal perspective on it.

Even if it’s just a word or two, I invite you to enter into a dialogue about these things; it will make it so much more enjoyable and effective.


These aren’t reviews, they are recommendations of artists and albums that I think are worth checking out. At the end of the day, of course, these are just my opinions. Take them for as much or as little as they’re worth to you.

Each album that is listed is worth investigating, but not every album is for everyone. Don’t be dismayed if an album comes up that seems unappealing to you, or if you check one out and think it totally sucks. I encourage you to keep visiting the site - chances are there will be something for you before too long.

I appreciate your taking the time to check things out!